"  The only source of knowledge is experience"- Albert Einstein.

" Experience is the teacher of all things"- Julius Caesar.

After having worked with several adventure tour operators and agencies in Nepal for a long time, our President Mr. Dawa Sherpa and Managing Director Mr. Dorjee Sherpa realised that there were several flaws in the operation of such organization due to some major factors. One of the major factor was inexperience as the person running the organization had no prior experience in the field. This caused in getting lesser success rates and more complications during the journey. The programs would be made but couldn't be executed properly. The clients had to suffer alot due to poor planning of such companies/agencies and some even had to loose their lives due to it. This was the reason that motivated our President and Managing Director to establish "Himalayan Traverse Adventure Pvt. Ltd.", a company that would not have such flaws of inexperience as Mr. Dawa Sherpa and Mr. Dorjee Sherpa both have sufficient experience in the field,  also to provide quality service to to the clients with higher success rate and contribute to the tourism industry of Nepal. 

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