Nepal, a Wonderful Land to Visit !

Nepal, a Wonderful Land to Visit !

Nepal is the most fascinating and magnificent country in the entire World. The highest peak, Mount Everest and the mighty Himalayas, the white ever-flowing rivers, the numerous waterfalls, hills, religious sites in wonderful places, unique and ethnic cultural traditions and the smiling natives who regard guests as “God” makes her, more beautiful among tourists and travelers all over the World. Although natural disasters, political instability and further hurdles came in our way, Nepal has always been and will forever be a major attraction for adventure companions, admirers of typical culture and traditions, and nature lovers around the World.

Every year hundreds of mountaineers attempt to summit the high Himalayas in Nepal. Even in the latest year 2016, around 600 summits were done alone to the top of Mount Everest and likewise in the neighboring high Himalayas and peaks. Trekking in Nepal is mainly popular in Everest region, Manaslu region and Annapurna region. In the present context, Everest Base camp trek and Upper Mustang trek have been the major trekking sites for travelers. Nepal is also making it’s own place in the field of adventure Tourism. White river rafting in river of Trishuli, remote treks in Upper Dolpa, Lower Dolpa, Upper Mustang, and Solu, skydiving, paragliding and Skydiving in Pokhara, Skiing in Mera la, Ultralight and scenic mountain flights in the high Himalayas, Cycling are some rising packages for adventure lovers in Nepal.

So, as a Nepalese Mountaineer, me, Dawa Sherpa want to invite the beautiful people out there to visit Nepal at least once in lifetime. I assure you, my motherland Nepal is a true beauty!!

Thank you.


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